“This information on Sandra Mendelson’s site radiates with positive energy. Sandra’s work is meaningful and impactful and it is having a profound effect on people.”– Micheal Teal  Columnist, Reviewer, Lecturer, Spiritual Consultant


We know animals “talk” and make themselves understood, right? But now the picture is getting much more interesting….

Whether your dog grabs his leash and waits at the door or your cat dances in her empty food bowl, you know animals talk to us.  They’ve even adopted certain human modes of communication so we can understand them more easily. 

However, there is more to the picture that’s beginning to emerge: As people across the globe are waking up to their own intuitive abilities like never before, the perceived walls between humans and non humans are thinning and beginning to disintegrate. 

Using not just our five senses but also, those “illusory”, sixth sensory skills – our inner sensing and knowing- we are discovering we can receive animal communications in a much deeper, more comprehensive way. When we first get out of our heads and into our hearts, and trust what we are receiving, we share reality with the animals on a whole new playing field: as equals.

It’s amazing to hear from people all over the globe who are reaching out and sharing their experiences of opening up to animal consciousness. I hope this site will continue to inspire more and more people to trust what they are hearing, feeling, seeing, sensing or knowing. 

Your comments and contributions are so very important because we are all waking up together.

With gratitude and light,


For a really good understanding of what animal consciousness is all about, this interview in my favorite:


The amazing insights the animals shared became my first book and a deck of animal cards, called We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages for an Awakening World.

The Book and Animal Message Cards